Friday, October 16, 2009

Need a great place to print your pages?

You need to visit  I just had a sample page printed and it is beautiful! The paper is thicker than photo paper, and not as glossy, but still has a little sheen. The elements pop off the page and the photos are crystal clear.  

The girls there are so very helpful and responsive to questions.  The prices are very comparitive, if not lower than elsewhere that I have had pages printed- and the quality is awesome! 

I am going to be getting together an entire album to send to them- think Christmas gifts! You can also check out their blog  for some great ideas for Christmas gifts.  

For you brownie scrappers, please leave feedback so I can see what you think of my papers...
It would be so very helpful!  


Jackie said...

Great papers Megan! I LOVE the worn and torn. The texture on them is awesome! To me, the corrugate ones don't have enough depth at the torn back spots, but don't know if that's what you were going for :) If not, maybe try hitting them with the burn tool?

For the patterns, the swirls are just gorgeous! Love the variants in the colors...I could learn a thing or 2 from you I think. The texture in the dark blue is hard to see, but dark colors are hard. Love the balance of big and small patterns. I always make a conscious effort to include both large and small. The aqua grid pattern kind of hurts my eyes. It's very subtle, which is nice, but I think I try to look to hard to see it...totally a personal thing though :)

I feel like you need another dark blue paper. That one is pretty lonely. Maybe a solid?

Great job overall! Much more adventurous than my first patterns were.

klara said...

I just love your paper, they are beautifull.