Monday, March 1, 2010

More of my LO's

So, I have been searching for a kit to do Vaughn's baby book.  What does Jackie do?  Goes and creates the most adorable little boy kit- that I HAVE to use because I am on her CT.  Rough work, right?  I think these pages turned out way cute.  I have a lot more to do, but I think this kit is a winner.  

Happy Monday.  (I am setting this to auto post Sunday night, so hopefully it isn't a typical Monday at work.  Yeah right.)


SleepingBeautie said...

what a cutie! he is so tall (long)! My son was born in May 2008 and my daughter will be here in about 2 weeks! I can't wait! I have been working on making kits for little boys, so now i get to make some little girl stuff, lol!
~ Anmarie

Jackie said...

Love these LOs Megan! I'm so excited that you're making Vaughn's baby book with the kit. How cool is that?!