Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tasty Tuesday "Many Blessings"

So Brownie Scraps just changed their release date from Friday to Tuesday.  So much for Fresh From the Oven Friday.   Guess I'll have to call it Tasty Tuesday or something!

Today, I have a LO done with Jacabean's "Many Blessings".  It's an old release (but is being rolled out again with a 25% off sale, and if you snoop around the forum at Brownie Scraps there just may be a RAK... HINT HINT!), It's about being thankful and blessed, and it's family themed.  Sounds like Thanksgiving right?  Well, that's right around the corner, and I am so excited to celebrate all I am thankful for with my family.  It's been a trying few months, but it makes me realize how thankful I am for those around me.  

Here's a LO of some of the everyday moments I have with my son.  He carries so many titles.  

I'm not thankful for the little text box that snuck in smack on the middle of the page, lol.  I am thankful I can go in and remove it before I have the page printed though!!!!

And here's another one- of my cousins and grandpa and Vaughn playing in the leaves. 

In case you don't remember the kit, here's a reminder.  As aways, it is available at Brownie Scraps

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Jackie said...

Thanks Meg! And yes, the RAK is up!!!