Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New You! Release from Jacabean Designs

Jacabean Designs has released a new kit for the new year called New You.  Get it over at Brownie Scraps!  Jackie should have a RAK up at her blog.  I should also mention that she's on Twitter.  Follow her- @JacabeanDesigns.  I don't tweet, but thought I would pass it along! Pretty sure she's got a great sale going on now!

Here's the kit preview:

 I really had to think to use this kit, because I am terrible at new years resolutions.  I didn't set any specific goals this year, but I really want to just try to be a better version of me.  The list below may be easy for some people, but they are things that I really struggle with.  Anyone have any hints?

My second page is one of me and my little cousin, Logan.  I haven't got it journaled yet, but it's from my sister's wedding.  Logan actually got paid for every picture he was in.  Pretty sure he got double for this one!  You would never know he was uncooperative!

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