Monday, December 28, 2009

CT Call!

Although I don't have a store yet, I would like to have a few dedicated gals to do some work with my kits on a regular basis, and start help the promotion process.  

The duties are minimal at this time, but may increase if I decide to sell my kits.  

Requirements: 2-3 LO per kit (My goal is to have 1 new kit appx every 2 weeks)
Post to 3 galleries 
Post on your blog 
QP's, clusters, frames, etc also appreciated!

What do you get? 

*Pre-Released kits to work with
*CT members will have S4H rights to any kit they work with.  (kits are currently all for personal use only)
*Although the kits are all free for now- I am hoping that eventually I can charge for them.  CT members will continue to receive kits for FREE!
*An opportunity to make suggestions for me to create kits using your color choices, themes, etc.

If you are interested, please contact me at mmcdonough107 at gmail dot com.  

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