Monday, November 9, 2009

Final Kit Preview! And it's FREE! (just a little catch!)

Hi there,

I'm back, this past week was a little draining.  My son was sick- nothing too serious, but he was SO clingy.  So, I don't know how many of you have had a 1 year old stuck to your leg, but it is hard to get anything done!

I've been busy... I am done with the kit for Fairytale Academy.  Here is the final preview.  I need to have some way to drive some traffic to my site.  I plan on having more freebies in the future HINT HINT!  So start following my blog!

Have a super rest of the week!


GlitterQueen said...

This is really pretty! Is it available somewhere? I think I missed the contest.

Megan McD said...

Thanks for asking. It isn't currently available- it was a contest prize- so you had to participate.... BUT I think I will put it up as a freebie pretty soon. It was my first full kit, so I may do a little tweaking! Glad you liked it.