Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Kit--- All Elements

Short and sweet tonight... Let me know what you think!  I have to switch some of my papers around... this took a totally different turn than I thought it would LOL..  Went to Sunrise, Sunset theme to "little star"

Let me have it.   This was the hardest part yet, I need all the help I can get.  Don't be afraid to be too harsh! And, I did take the CC that was given previously and start to think about how to fix my stuff... I just haven't had time to actually do anything about it yet!  I appreciate you helping me grow!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Wow Megan! This looks great! I absolutely love the glitter swirls on the frame and the glittery ribbons! some super nit-picky CC...
The green bow on the button could use some more depth. Try upping your dark levels maybe. The star patch is super cute, but look the color seems out of place with the others. Maybe try adjusting the color, or add a small touch of glitter or stitching in one of the more used colors? The dotted frame and the swirls at the top feel a little out of place too. And the goldish glitter leaves don't have the depth, the little darker areas that the aqua leaves have. They're still really oretty, but side-by-side, I really like the subtle darker areas the aqua one :)

Great, great job!