Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some CT Layouts, and a LO using Tidings of Joy

I have the house to myself for a bit.  Vaughn and Mitch went for a ride in Mitch's truck.  Vaughn LOVES to go with daddy.  He has a diesel and the truck has a backup beeper so the truck is very loud,  He can hear Daddy come home and runs across the house to greet him.  Too cute!  Vaughn doesn't say truck- it is just "MUM MUM".

 How exciting!  I got an email from Luise, and she has supplied the first LO from my Tidings of Joy kit.  Lookie here!

Here are some LO's from my Scrapable CT, I used a real fun kit called So In Love- by doohikey designs.  You can find it at  The first is me and my hubby at our wedding.

The next is a couple of friends, not a couple, but I thought it was a cute picture anyway!

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